Exclusive interview with Fatima Hajji
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This young girl was born in Salamanca in 1982 and has taken part in different musical events since 1998. She has achieved a personal identity characterized by her skills, strength, power and references to her arab origins. Heavy and ethnic techno, together with very fast bpm-s make her a real dancing place braker. She has had a successful career in the world of the electronic music. After 10 years as a Dj, last 2 involved at studio as a producer.

She has worked very hard. Her first conserts were played in Castilla y León, but later she performed in the rest of the country, important places such as ROXY (Prague – CZ), FLORIDA135, ISLA TORTUGA (TECNOLOVE), FABRIK, GROOVE, AIXA GALIANA, LOKOTRON o MATTRIX; famous clubs such as Soma, Y..asta, Naru, Complot, Subterfugio... Besides, she has participated in various music festivals such as MONEGROS, AQUASELLA, ELECTROSONIC, WOMAD, ELEKTRODO, PLASENCIA TECHNO MEETING, MUSIBERIA, and she represented the Spanish techno music in Iberican Techno 07 BIG CANSIL (Porto) Portugal.

All that is possible thanks to clubs that have trusted in her good one to do in cabin as Yasta, New space, Influence techno, Naru, Bandudu x-crass, Base, Trilogy, El Mono, Boss, Specka, Kinke (Madrid); Gallery (Palma de Mallorca); Loop (Almería) Txopera (Tarazona/Zaragoza); Digito, La noche, Kodex Metro (Talavera de la Reina); Sala Nao (Toledo); Festival, Oh!Caramba,Boomerang,Sector Oceano, Tatto, Nucleo, El Cairo, Bleep, D3, Breogain, Bohemia (Galicia); Zeus, Factory, Escada, Loop, Cañas, Down Town, Go, New Garden (Valladolid); Zambra, Estival (Cuellar/Segovia); Star, Tres60, Dipo..s (Palencia); Buga, The long, Espectro, Saambi, MP3, Pimentel (Benavente); Extrem, Nacional, Sniif, La Misión, Festival La Alameda, Villatechnillo Festival, La Mode (Zamora); Salsah!, Class, Amadis (Salamanca); Hotachy, Tetrix, Ramses, Gabanna, (La Bañeza/Leon); Xtress, Musiberia, Vaticano, Mattrix (Badajoz); Film Factory, Limbo, Futura (Cáceres); FM (Gijón); R2 (Ponferrada); QTR (Andorra),...

Her musical career received a new boost with her new activity as a producer and the new label project called STANDBITE MUSIC in asociation with Darkrow (Galizian Dj & Producer). Her musical career received a new boost with her new activity as a producer and the new label project called STANDBITE MUSIC in asociation with Darkrow (Galizian Dj & Producer), here she publicates the Ataraxia cut (Cristian Varela mades a remix for it and both appears at Standbite 2.0) and the track Kanchanfrom Standbite 3.0; and her first released tracks at labels such Xtilix, Emphatic, False Dawn and Kalamazoo Records. Her fresh and convincing musical selection, her refined skills and the excellent command of the crossfader help her to create sets full of energy and vitality. All these things have brought her to be part of the prestigious Phrenetic Agency. From 2009 she is includes at SHAPE BOOKINGS rooster for Europe (except Spain) and Asia.

Clubbersgudie: When did you start DJing and where was your first gig?

Fatima Hajji: I started 12 years ago and my first gig was in a local dj contest and I won it, then my 1st professional gig was at Xtreme Club in Zamora (near my hometown)

Clubbersgudie: How do you see the role of DJ these days as opposed to when you first started out?

Fatima Hajji: Now we can use the network to expose our job, and all the ppl worldwide can be part of this. Now you can find a lot of new faces at the club´s line ups and in the past (at least in Spain) line ups were so repetitive.

Clubbersgudie: What do you think is more important for a DJ - the mixing technique or the track selection?

Fatima Hajji: Both are really important, If I have to choose maybe a little more the Skills but always looking for what ppl needs in every moment. I think the ppl go to the clubs to enjoy with their favourites djs and for sure to have some fun after the week, job, etc. So I try to mix my best skills with music to have fun and dance.

Clubbersgudie: With all the new styles and new kind of sounds coming out, do you think that the original sound of techno will become obsolete?

Fatima Hajji: No, I think that this is the point where we can see that this kind of music is alive and growing, many diferents styles born from many diferent ppl working and living techno. All the techno crew must to be proud of all the different styles, they are different ways of understanding the same thing.

Clubbersgudie: What's your preference - playing at festivals or clubs?

Fatima Hajji: My preference is to play At festivals you can have really nice vibes with a lot of ppl and incredible sound equipments, but clubs sometimes have an essence and a great atmosphere to be near the crew.

Clubbersgudie: What's been the best party you've DJed at? Whats the strangest thing that has happened to you at a gig? What was your best, and your worst party experience?

Fatima Hajji: Best party I´ve ever played til now is Monegros Festival.


I had a lot of great moments playing, I cant say one. And worst I remember once that the air conditioning didn't work and we were at almost 50ºC, the mixer turned off 2 times, and I was near to falling down because the heat.

Clubbersgudie: Do you think drugs are still a very important part of dance culture?

Fatima Hajji: Drugs are in all the music styles, and at a big part of our society. For sure they had a big influence at this scene, but now I see more ppl without drugs in the electronic scene.

Clubbersgudie: Since your name is synonymous with techno, what is there that keeps you playing it, and how do you compare it to other styles?

Fatima Hajji: I play only what I like to hear as a clubber, I like hard bass and melodies, so I try to combine this in my sets.

I love music, especially techno and respect too much all the different styles.

Clubbersgudie: Techno has obviously been your passion for many years but all genres change as time goes on. How has your sound developed and how would you describe it now?

Fatima Hajji: When I started playing techno I always was looking for hard sounds, at this moment all (local and foreigns) the djs in Spain play Hard Groove and Hard Techno, I like both and always tried to combine this with different melodies, voices, etc.

Later most of the djs started to low down bps, I started to go a little faster. Then harder sounds appeared and I tried to be on Hard Techno always with my own particularities, but vinyl and digital market makes really difficult to find music. Now or its harder with dirty basses or really softer, so I always try to go in my own way but everyday gets more difficult to find the correct stuff for me at the stores.

Clubbersgudie: Being a producer as well as a DJ, how much does one influence another, are your productions more influenced by your sets and the tracks you play or is it vice versa?

Fatima Hajji: Being producer I only look for one thing, same as Dj. my own sound. I think this research never stop.

Clubbersgudie: When you're making music, what kind of equipment are you using?

Fatima Hajji: I work at my studio in my home and use Live to produce and Logic for the mastering.

Clubbersgudie: What do you find more chalenging - recording your own tracks, or remixing tracks from other producers?

Fatima Hajji: My own tracks for sure, you have to start from Zero

Clubbersgudie: Where do you find your inspiration?

Fatima Hajji: When I finish a new track, and make a test in a club, if the test is ok, the crew give me inspiration for a lot of time

Clubbersgudie: What piece of kit can you not live without?

Fatima Hajji: The adrenalin that I receive from the crowd every time I play.

Clubbersgudie: What other music do you like?

Fatima Hajji: Electronic music in many different variants, Flamenco, Hip Hop and some pop

Clubbersgudie: What do you do to relax? Any hobbies besides music?

Fatima Hajji: Really I have not much free time, gigs, label, and producing but always I can I love go to the mountains with my dogs.

Clubbersgudie: If you hadn’t become a DJ and producer, what do you reckon you’d be doing now?

Fatima Hajji: For sure Dog trainer, I love animals and Dogs are my passion.

Clubbersgudie: Tell us an unknown fact about yourself?

Fatima Hajji: If I tell you it wont be unknown anymore.
Seriously, I´m a dog trainer.

Clubbersgudie: Where do you see yourself in 30 years from now?

Fatima Hajji: Life is unexpectable, I would like to see myself playing and having fun with the crew.

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