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"I live to play music. I love to give a little piece of my soul to the

“Digital” has profoundly affected the musical world, how has it affected you?

A lot! I’m now able to become a lot more creative as a DJ. I also can take more music with me. Also the problem with stolen records doesn’t happen again at the airport. I never miss a gig again because of this.

Also sharing music is wonderful. The only ones that are upset are the major labels. We don’t have a choice than to go with this development and embrace it. Also, when people spread my live DJ sets via the Internet, It’s just how it is and we cannot stop it. My new album is coming out soon, and we hope we can at least get the production costs back by the sales. Nowadays, you do not make money anymore by selling music; it’s about other ways a musician has to make money.

The digital development is running fast. Now I have this iPhone 3gs, which is working perfectly, but there is already the next generation to come, even faster, even better. We have to go with it. I personally embrace it.

Digital world
Beyond music “digital” has become a way of life, with social media and non-stop communication. How has your participation in this world changed your life both publicly and privately?

My life has changed a lot. With video conference calls, using Skype all around the globe, talking to your girlfriend while she’s on the other side of the planet and watching her on the screen or your mobile. Before, we never had the chance to do that without a lot of money, e.g. by setting up a satellite connection. Also on social networks like Facebook or Linked In, people can connect much easier – but also you don’t have to use it. Some people prefer to still do a simple phone call or meet face to face at a bar. For sure, there are also bad effects, for example the case you meet somebody virtually who might want to kill you. So: If anybody looks a bit strange on my Facebook fanpage, I delete him or her.

A gig is always a give and take between artist and audience. What do you take home from a gig and what do you hope your audience does?

I live to play music. I love to give a little piece of my soul to the audience. I love my music equipment, the turntables, the cd players, and the computer. I want to take the audience on a journey- I love people dancing, smiling, and kissing when I play the music. It’s one of the best things I have to give; it’s part of my soul.

The music scene is constantly generating new genre labels. How have you been labeled? What label would you give yourself?

I have always been labeled as a techno DJ, even if I play Salsa. Techno has many guises; it’s an umbrella for Techno-Rock, Techno-Electro, Techno-Reggae, Tech-House and so on. All this is made by technology, no matter how we see it. It could be Speed Heavy Metal Reggae Techno. It’s just a combination of Electronic Music.

The island
You will play at Space Ibiza this summer. Ibiza has always brought together people and artists from different walks of life and from all over the globe to experience something extraordinary. What do you think makes Ibiza so special?

It’s such a small beautiful island in the Mediterranean, which has grown into one of the most prolific. It has a special spirit, which makes people think: OH this is amazing. You have the choice to hear what you want to hear. You also can choose to watch a beautiful sunset or lie down at the beach and dream without music. Be and do what you want! The people make this so special. Ibiza can be the worst place on earth, if you don't go with it. It really can open your eyes, so you come back as another person. I’ve been a part of the island since 1994 and Space is the most forward thinking club.

The Carl Cox night at Space is called The Revolution Continues. What was your most revolutionary experience in the music scene? What do you want to do that is revolutionary?

For many years as a DJ of this music, we had to fight for our right to party. There was the establishment, which didn’t want to give us the licenses to do a party, especially in the UK. There always was a negative aspect to this kind of music because of some people doing drugs. What we have to fight for is taking this thing more serious than the music itself. I only do all this because I love the music.

It’s hard work and a lot of self-belief when you are a DJ of this music. 'Join Our Revolution' was so strong last year because the people believe in what I believe in. We want to spread the word of what I feel is somehow our culture. We need to fight and defend our culture.

What would you change about the world if you could?

We must help each other on our planet. The topic is poverty. At the moment, we first need a disaster, and then everybody comes and tries to help the people in Haiti or New Orleans or in the countries, which have been affected by the Tsunami in 2004. We need to act first, help the people out of their poverty, before they have the problems. People who have less than others whether there is a disaster or not.

Your life
What is the coolest thing in your house?

My bathroom.

Another life
If you weren’t involved in music, what could imagine doing instead?

I’d be a chef.

Do you practice any rituals before you perform? Are you superstitious?

No at all.

What’s the worst item of clothing you’ve ever worn?

I admit the leg warmers in the 80s... hahaha

What was the first music you ever purchased? Who was your favorite group when you where twelve? What was the first concert you attended?

The first music I purchased was Diana Ross and the Supremes. My favorite group was T-Rex – with Marc Bolan. Unfortunately he died in 1977 in a car accident in his girlfriend´s Mini. My first concert was The Police.

Who’s your all-time hero and why?

It’s Muhammad Ali. He was so amazing. When he was boxing, you never saw anything like that. But he also was a believer of rights. He refused to go to the army because he didn't accept why he should go, only because some other people told him to shoot at other people. He was very strong, which had a huge impact on me.

What’s your musical “guilty pleasure?”

That’s old Funk and Soul music. Whenever you get a chance to listen to my iPod, you will hear Otis Redding, Wilson Picket, Isaac Hayes, the early Jackson 5 and the likes. This is also what I grew up with.
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