Exclusive interview with Matthew Hoag
Author : clubbersguide / Date : 22-07-2010 15:51
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Clubbersguide: When did you start DJing and where was your first gig?

I got into the world of music as a child, my first experience with the mixing desk was at 16 years when I used to work on a local radio station, my first official gig was when I was 18 in a small bar in my hometown

Clubbersguide: How big of an influence do you think dance culture had on society, if any?

Nowdays I think that we can hear electronic dance music everywhere, if we walk into some urban clothes shop, restaurant or hotel we can hear the 4/4 beat defining the mood of the place. This means that this type of music and this lifestyle are an essential part of the “everyday life” of our culture.
And if we think that dance music as it's core would like to share some positive vibration, the result that we get at the end must be positive

Clubbersguide: Does your set differ if you're playing to 10,000 people as opposed to say the 1000? What's your preference - playing at festivals or clubs?

It differs for sure, on a bigger crowd you will be able to hear a slightly different composition of the set itself, you receive much more energy from the crowd, but in a smaller place you can feel much more the familiarity and the connection between all of us. To be honest I prefer to install a closer relationship with the crowd so I would say that smaller places would be more appropriate for me.

Clubbersguide: What do you think is more important for a DJ - the mixing technique or the track selection?

You cannot mix properly without any technique and you have to practice and practice but In my opinion the selection of the tracks and the originality of the selection define an excellent dj more than the technique... but one cannot be done in a proper way without the other.

Clubbersguide: What's been the best party you've DJed at? Whats the strangest thing that has happened to you at a gig?

There were loads of incredible venues and crowds that I could mention, but one of the latest was the Dancearena at the Exit festival in Novi Sad, Serbia. The arena has something special, amazing Some strange and funny things are happening all the time... hard to mention one in particular.

Clubbersguide: What was your best, and your worst party experience?

One of the best was the I Love Techno in Belgium where I had to open the festival and from the moment they opened the doors this amazing crowd start to run to dance as soon as possible, in 10 minutes you have 9.000 people already enjoying your music and having fun, you can imagine what a night this can be.

Clubbersguide: What are some of the biggest lessons you've learnt while being a DJ?

That you are not playing for yourself but for the people, we are all the same on the dancefloor and we together just want to dance.

Clubbersguide: How do you describe your style?

Sexy Electronic Dance Music dated 2010 but with the respect for the past.

Clubbersguide: Name some of your biggest influences...

As usual, too many to count.

Clubbersguide: If you hadn't become a DJ and producer, what do you reckon you'd be doing now?

I cannot imagine myself not doing this, music was always an essential part of my life.

Clubbersguide: What do you do to relax? Any hobbies besides music?

I love to walk and meditate, running and reading books, some swimming in the summer and drinking some nice bottle of red wine

Clubbersguide: What piece of kit you cannot live without?

My Iphone, got everything that allows me to communicate... it’s a machine

Clubbersguide: If you were throwing a party and could pick any 3 DJs to play, who would they be and why ?

Luciano because of his positive energy, Laurent Garnier because of his geniality, and Sven Vath because of the fact that he is Sven Vath.

Clubbersguide: What are your plans for the future? Where do you see yourself in 30 years from now?

I can see myself doing the same as I am doing now, probably will be a little more mature but my passion will be the same.

Clubbersguide: Anything else you would like to add?

Please have fun, think positive and dance, dance dance dance... Matt loves you.

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