Exclusive interview with Angelo Mentalab
Author : clubbersguide / Date : 13-04-2009 12:33
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Clubbersguide: How did you first get into DJing?

I started djing almost by mistake... It was about 1996-1997, because I was a psy-trance music collector and my friends were asking me to play on private parties... Since then i got into djing with practising and buying equipment at home and in 1998 i made my first set at an official party.

Clubbersguide: How would you describe your music style?

It's Psychedelic Trance of course, fast (minimum 144 bpm) and pretty atmospheric and melodic... possitive music i could say (i like smilling faces on the dancefloor).

Clubbersguide: What do you think is more important for a DJ - the mixing technique or the track selection?

The combination of both, of course.

If a dj doesn't have good mixing skills, then it's getting annoying when the tempo/rhythm is changing all the time, so people can't follow it... also with the "double kicks effect" it really sounds bad.

Another thing is that a dj must carry a collection with soft to hard music or more minimal to full with sounds tracks in his music bag, but always on his style and taste in case that if the track selection is not satisfying the dancefloor, then the dj must have the ability to "feel" the people's vibe at the moment and to change the style/rhythm.

Clubbersguide: What's been the best party you've DJed at?

Every party has it's own style... i had good time on many parties so there is no best party for me.

Clubbersguide: What was your best, and your worst party experience?

As i said there is no best party or party expierience for me ... but worst parties are those which are finishing before they supposed to be from any forced reason.

Clubbersguide: Who would you do a B2B set with?

Well i haven't played b2b set many times... sometimes i played with friends for fun. Even if i made 2 or 3 times b2b with the same friend sometimes was good sometimes not. So i can't say with whom i could make a b2b set.

For to be good a b2b set must be between partners or very close friends who know each other very good in order to synchronize themselves on the style that they will play.

Clubbersguide: Over the years you have DJayed at many parties in Macedonia. Which one stayed in your memory as the best macedonian party?

Many good parties in Macedonia... i had good time on most of the parties i played in this country. I cant say which one was the best.

Clubbersguide: Being a producer as well as a DJ, how much does one influence another, are your productions more influenced by your sets and the tracks you play or is it vice versa?

Well when im djing my tracklist depends on my taste/style of course. So on my psy-trance productions, cause i'm expirimenting also in other music styles like Breakbeat / Dub / Electronica / Lounge / Ambient, for sure i get influenced from many tracks i play but i also get influences from the rest kinds of music and trying to make my own mix.

Clubbersguide: When you're making music, what kind of equipment are you using?

In my home studio I'm Working on LogicStudio with Motu 828 mkII, Edirol PCR500 Midi keyboard, Virus rack, Dynaudio BM5a and some effect racks.

But also I'm working and making my final mix in some more equiped friend's or rental studios.

Clubbersguide: When can we expect an album from you?

No plans for an album in near future. Only some tracks will be released in compilations. Maybe next year i will decide to compile a full album, but now is not the right time for me.

Clubbersguide: What do you do to relax? Any hobbies besides music?

I travel with my car in or out of Greece for 2-3 days escaping. When relaxing home, I'm watching movies, playing games and spending time with my animals.

Clubbersguide: If you could pick any career besides a DJ/Producer what would it be?

Well if i could that would be something with speed...something like racing cars or moto driver or jet pilot.

Clubbersguide: What are your plans for the future?

To keep doing what im doing... working on music.

Clubbersguide: You're well known to macedonian public. What kind of set can we expect from you this time - on the 16th?

Many new tracks and some of my new productions in my music bag ...as i said my track selection depends on the people's vibe.

Clubbersguide: Anything else you would like to add?

The line-up on 16th is really powerfull i believe that will be a very good event and macedonian people will break the dancefloor once more.

See you all on the dancefloor.

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