Exclusive interview with Ivee
Author : clubbersguide / Date : 12-12-2008 08:28
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She was born in 1984. She started playing violin when she was 6 years old in a specialized school for musical talents. At this moment she is on master studies of violin. Boundaries of classical music didn’t satisfy her adrenaline needs and she turned to the electronic form of music. She is a violin professor at day and a techno professor at night. Techno is her spirit, techno is her voice, techno moves her body.
When electronic music harshly stepped into Serbian music scene she repeatedly followed continuous events. Ivee was amazed with energy and atmosphere that was manifested by masses of people that were poisoned with electronic sounds. At that time she decided to start her own project. She began with her first electronic sound productions in 1997 with few ambient and break beat songs. Soon, she also made some trance tunes in cooperation with friend from her born place.
Definition of her style is: sprint lines, tension energy, intelligent, noise, dancing sounds, no rules, no plague, no claptrap.
Last year was a breakout year for her, with releases and performances alongside some of the biggest names in the techno scene to confirm that. During 2006 she carried her sound to the world and received excellent feedback for her music.

Clubbersguide: What have been your biggest musical influences over the years?

Ivee: All I've ever heard. All possible styles, from acoustic to electronic, from good to bad.

Philharmonic orchestra music, power of organization in chaos.

Clubbersguide: Which was the first track you ever made?

Ivee: Hehhe, well it was when I was really young, I took my brothers cello, playing pizzicato on strings, singing and recording myself on cassette. It was kind of a vanguard horror opera, about a dying doll. I still have it recorded. It's way to funny.

Later, on PC it was a breakbeat track.

Clubbersguide: You've been playing the violin since you were 6 years old, but classical music didn't satisfy your adrenaline needs and later you turned to techno. Have you ever thought about combining techno and classical music in some future project?

Ivee: Yes I did..sure..but I am not very well organized, and I work slowly. Slow but certain.

So-by time..i will do it.

Clubbersguide: Before you started with techno, what music were you interested in?

Ivee: Trance. Dark,pumping, atmospheric trance. I still love it. You can feel it in my stuff.

Clubbersguide: Lately there are lots of new styles that are popular, but you still decided to keep it real and continue to create great techno music, how come you didn't get affected by all that "trendy" stuff?

Ivee: Well I am affected by it, but on good way. Everything I hear I try to find something in it and to learn something about arrangement and developing a song. I am filtering all information and collect it in music perfection, which is intelligent electronic sound.

Clubbersguide: What kind of equipment do you use when you're making music?

Ivee: Brain and emotion.

Clubbersguide: When you're in the studio do you try to create the 'perfect' track?

Ivee: As I said before, I work really slow, so I keep on working on one track for months sometimes, until I think its perfect. And I never leave a loop unfinished. If I start something, kick, bass or synth- I will work on it until I have a unique story.

Clubbersguide: What producers/labels do you like these days and why?

Ivee: I will mention one producer who really moved me to think about music shape, that’s Burial. He is different. Also, in techno that’s Kay D Smith. He has a special sound.

Clubbersguide: if you were throwing a party and could pick any 3 DJs/artists to play, who would they be and why ?

Ivee: That would be Kay D smith, Voidloss and Teebee. I love combination of DnB and techno.

Clubbersguide: How satisfied are you with the clubbing scene in Serbia? Is there anything that you would like to change?

Ivee: I love the Serbian crowd. I very rarely play here cause the scene is really low. But I would not change a thing about party atmospheres. But the scene changes. In some years I hope it will be massive.

Clubbersguide: What's your preference - playing at festivals or clubs?

Ivee: Clubs. Its more intimate.

Clubbersguide: What was your best, and your worst party experience?

Ivee: Best moments are always when I see first rows of people singing every sound of my tracks. They know melodies, they know words ..

I had two really bad experiences which I will always remember. In Ukraine I was prisoner at the airport cause I have missed one document for entering the country. That was a nightmare.

And one time windows failed completely in the middle of my performance. Since then-no windows in my life!

Clubbersguide: What's the craziest thing that's happened to you at a gig?

Ivee: I was asked from one boy to get married. He had ring and was dressed perfectly elegant. I was so scared.

Clubbersguide: What piece of kit can you not live without?

Ivee: Headphones and inspiration.

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