Author : Vardan Cuckov / Date : 12-08-2007 21:49
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Stalker Star is an ongoing project of one individual born in Skopje 1975 named Vardan Cuckov. The band was born in 1996 after I returned from 3 months trip to hong-kong and seing the world of electronic music there wich hardly if at all existed in my Macedonia.
So then, in the year of our lord 1996, by the moniker of "Kowloon Gray" I recorded the electronic album "Living Still Dead" wich had several very succesfull songs in the Skopje of the time and the album can be rightfully claimed as one of the first electronic pieces in MK music history. Sadly - it remains unreleased till today.
So afterwards I firmly focused my energy on building up a proper studio, as the demos of the "LSD" album were all done on a pc386 on a 'scream tracker' program wich was laughable, even for the time...
So i managed somehow to sallow my self a pentium 3 and recorded (however non-profesionally) the follow up called "Crossings". Musically, it was good, but it ultimately remained for my ears only, coz i was only begining to strugle with the arts of audio production. This one was made under the moniker of 'Kowloon White' - understand - oh ye who has eyes to see...
The final album under the same moniker came in 2003 and it was called "Born with the law on his lips" and it was one really good squelchy, dirty, acidy, distorted album. It was surely the first one that sounded good that was of my own production.
In the meantime, with my dear friend Jana Jakimovska we formed the electro-goth band named "Witch 8" and recorded a really fantastic album called "Lust".

It was fantastic partly bcs i aquired a healthy amount of equipment till then wich today amounts to:

An AMD running m-audio delta 1010 24/96 digital workhorse and FLstudio7 (my seq of choice from the early days), a dual-diafragm condenser microphone, a dual-chanell tube-driven compressor/expander/limiter; a little 8 chanell mixer with 24bit effects (perfect for those effect-less analogues) a Roland JUNO-106 analogue synth beastie, a Korg POLY61-an even fatter analogue, a Roland JUPITER 4 - a classic analogue poly synth used by everyone from orbital to bt, then a Korg MS2000 VA synth (very loveable, fantazia) and a vintage keyboard sampler, domesticly called "the triton killer" - E-Mu Emax HD, which is a lo-fi 12 bit sampler BUT with analogue filters and envelopes wich gives it a totaly fantastic sound - ESPECIALLY for today... did i forgot something? Ah yes - an Roland MC-303 groovebox, a Yamaha SU200 loopsampler and a Roland D-50 (waiting to b repaired as my mom 'cleaned' it just to well)

So in 2005 i renamed my IDM act to 'Stalker Star' and recorded my first real masterpiece - a double album called '24hour pieces' in which u have one track 4 each hour of the day.
Then in 2006 came the "Az Buki Glagolam Vedam" album wich is a very trippy entheogenic fly into astral light...
And now in 2007, am working on a triple album project coupled with a theather dramaplay about the ancient Macedonian saga and our great Tsar Alexander the Great.
The first two cds are finished and in this moment am in the middle of the 3rd one.
The 1st is named 'Ar Makedon' while the 2nd 'The Gordi-On mistake'. The 3rd is still unnamed.

All these 4 albums (5 with the double album) are published as mp3 releases on soundclick where you can hear all of them, and even purchase something you like if thats what u want ! Here's your Stalker Star link, enjoy my music there, i know u will like it!!

Love n Light


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