Igor Iox
Author : / Date : 17-06-2007 15:28
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Being born in Skopje, a capital of the relatively poor and underdeveloped Republic of Macedonia, didn't make things any easy on Igor, as the country's access to the global world of music was limited. Nevertheless, a pioneer on the Macedonian electronic scene, Igor started buying records and music equipment very early in his life. With influences from Jazz, he instinctively began his music career. Igor Iox started his career as a DJ in 1996 with performances at festivals and clubs around Macedonia. After numerous successful appearances in Macedonia (but with no particular space for artistic creativity and satisfaction), Igor decided to move to Spain in order to get more feedback on his work. Once in Spain, he performed in the framework of Q Level Productions, in the club Industrial Copera, next to well-established artists from the clubbing dance scene around the world. It is these appearances in Spain that ascertain Igor as a DJ with a vast experience; an experience that guarantees the fulfillment of expectations of even the most demanding electronic music audience around the world. He has performed in many cities in the Balkans as well as in Amsterdam, Greece, Albania, Romania and a number of places around Spain. An interesting thing to note is the rather large and extensive interview by Danny Rampling for the International DJ Magazine (published in the UK), where Rampling has labeled Igor as the ..best upcoming DJ from Eastern Europe... After a certain period spent in Spain, Igor returned to his home city where he enthusiastically made his first steps in the area of production. The great passion for producing high-quality electronic music motivated him to open his own music production house and a store for vinyl records named Q Sound in Skopje, Macedonia. At this moment he is runing a digital label called Q Sound Records, trying to present his kind of house music. His musical orientation vary from deep house and all the way to funky, groovy and jacking house, creating a unique style that most certainly sets all clubbing audiences in motion.
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