Sandy Rivera launches labels!
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Sandy Rivera is a one man music machine; one of House music’s truly original masters. His proven track record for consistently making pioneering sounds is not enough. Never one to take the easy route Mr. Rivera is looking back to his beginnings whilst simultaneously launching a brand new project.

Confused? Don’t be.

Sandy Rivera Records is the all new label kicking off this month with his own release ‘Balance’ (which will feature on Sandy’s hotly anticipated artist album – due to drop at the end of the year.) ‘Balance’ is a deep groove that keeps driving; its rolling beats keeps you mesmerized on the dancefloor, the synths kicking in to result in a simply fantastic instrumental – one for the purists out there! Out now.

While Sandy Rivera Records is more focused on Sandy’s own releases with his trademark Kings of Tomorrow sound, Sandy will also revive his much-loved Blackwiz Records and Deep Vision Records. “The reason I wanted to launch Sandy Rivera Records is to be able to release things that don’t fit under the other monikers that I have. And for people to really know that it’s my music coming out from my name.”

Blackwiz was first launched in 1993 which Sandy started in his hometown of New York and the very first release was the renowned record ‘Go Black Scatt’ by Kings of Tomorrow. When he decided to revive it through Defected after moving to the UK, he worked with heavy weight Robert Owens and produced ‘Just Wont Do’ which helped blow up the Blackwiz name once again. Other releases that showcased up and coming talent flowed; Timmy Vegas & Andy Daniell’s ‘Disco Shit’ and Suroh ‘Sentimientos’ among others. “Blackwiz was an old record label of mine, and everyone was always asking me when I was going to restart it. It has a special place in my heart, and a really decent old catalogue and it just felt right to go for it again” says Sandy. He needed a facility to be able to push out the tracks that really inspired him and allowed him cultivate new talent and showcase it on the label.

First up, we introduce ‘Freak’, by classically trained musician Haze. Haze is celebrated for his deeply soulful and personal music, always under-pinned by great beats and technically cutting-edge production. He worked with Sandy on the massive ‘Changes’ & ‘Dreams’ back in 2002 co-writing, co-producing and providing the vocals as well. This is true Blackwiz style.

‘Freak’ is an electro tinged stomper with a funky rhythm and distorted whirly noises that play with your mind and senses. A pure acid trip that leaves you wanting more and more. Due for release on 21st May 2007.

Deep Vision was launched first in 1996. A label recognized by its peers for pioneering an array of clubby, soulful, deep, techy house music. Over 20 releases including some amazing club anthems under various Sandy monikers like ‘I Cant Stop’, ‘KOT Anthem’, ‘Come Into My Room’ (Which later became the EBTG Vs Soul Vision– ‘Tracey In My Room’ – thanks to Ben Watt) and ‘Let The Reign Begin’.

“Deep Vision was born after I closed Blackwiz for legal reasons back in 1996, I ran and released my records alone from New York and over the years some good club records came out, some I guess you can call classics now”.

The first new offering from Deep Vision will be ‘9624’, by Sandy. This is a Pure House track, reminiscent of the early Chicago House days but with a lick of the noughties dropped in. Hypnotic to the core and a track that demands listening from start to finish, it builds and builds to climax of twisted acidic noises and then hits you with its mind-bending baseline. Out on 21st May 2007.

Last out on Blackwiz, is the twisted monster… ‘Almost’ by Rae. This is pure main room tearing up the dancefloor with its rhythmic beats propelling you on and then the stabbing synths take it to a different level. Unlike anything you have heard, this is a killer track! Out on 28th May 2007.

The tracks have all been produced by Sandy and are a true reflection of the many facets of his personality. These traits are apparent in Sandy’s presence on stage as well his presence in the studio. A true ‘citizen of the world’ Sandy is regularly in a handful of countries each and every week. Part of his success is due to his diversity when playing. Ask Sandy to describe his style and he’ll say ‘@#%%$$^’, literally.

Also… will go live on May 28th. It will include material unavailable anywhere else as well as tour blogs, picture diaries and more.


The massive Dada track ‘Lollipop’ which features Sandy on vocals is available on Data (Ministry of Sound Recordings) now.


Sandy’s remix of ‘In My Heart’ has been added to the Moby – Go Remixed album. Available on Mute.


Blackwiz Records
‘Freak’ – Haze, Out Now
‘Almost’ – Rae, Released 28/05/07

Sandy Rivera Records:
‘Balance’ - Sandy Rivera, Released 21/05/07

Deep Vision Records
‘9624’ - Sandy Rivera, Released 21/05/07

Thanks to Kate - IMD
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