• Exclusive interview with Cristian Varela

    General news   15-10-2012 14:00 by atko

    Exclusive interview with Cristian Varela for ClubbersGuide.com.mk!

    Winner of the International Award Ibiza 2007 as BEST DJ Techno IN THE WORLD, Dj Of The Year 2007 and Best Techno DJ 2008, in the eighth year in a row. Cristian has more than 25 prizes (best label, best producer…) along more than 17 years of recognised career…
    Influenced by a special family of artists and his mature musician career to finish (piano- solfa) he composed the soundtracks for some national theatre shows, movies, fashion "pasarelas" and TV spots.
    Cristian has a massive worklist with more than 150 productions and compositions for the most prestigious international labels and companies such as Sony/BMG - Blanco&Negro - Spain, Intec - U.K, Elephanthaus (U.S.A), Pornographic recordings - Spain/Belgium (he owns together with Marco Bailey) and his own brand new labels Donkeyhead recordings and black Codes.
    Remixer of talents like Eurythmics “Sweet Dreams”, Michael Zager´s Band “Let´s All Chant”, Split Second “Flesh”…
    His productions and interviews have appeared in the most important specializing magazines, tvs, radios and Internet (MTV, VIVA, Tele5, Antena 3, Telemadrid, Cuatro, TVE1, TVE2, DJ).
    With this Cristian´s long artistic life, discography and of course, his spectacular sets with 3/4 decks, along with his constants tours around the world from Japan to U.S.A, Europe, UK… makes him one of the most prestigious names in the electronic international scene.

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  • Exclusive interview with Fatima Hajji

    General news   14-10-2012 14:00 by atko

    Exclusive interview with Fatima Hajji for ClubbersGuide.com.mk!

    This young girl was born in Salamanca in 1982 and has taken part in different musical events since 1998. She has achieved a personal identity characterized by her skills, strength, power and references to her arab origins. Heavy and ethnic techno, together with very fast bpm-s make her a real dancing place braker. She has had a successful career in the world of the electronic music. After 10 years as a Dj, last 2 involved at studio as a producer.

    She has worked very hard. Her first conserts were played in Castilla y León, but later she performed in the rest of the country, important places such as ROXY (Prague – CZ), FLORIDA135, ISLA TORTUGA (TECNOLOVE), FABRIK, GROOVE, AIXA GALIANA, LOKOTRON o MATTRIX; famous clubs such as Soma, Y..asta, Naru, Complot, Subterfugio... Besides, she has participated in various music festivals such as MONEGROS, AQUASELLA, ELECTROSONIC, WOMAD, ELEKTRODO, PLASENCIA TECHNO MEETING, MUSIBERIA, and she represented the Spanish techno music in Iberican Techno 07 BIG CANSIL (Porto) Portugal.

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  • Exclusive interview with Mario Ranieri

    General news   13-10-2012 14:00 by atko

    Exclusive interview with Mario Ranieri for ClubbersGuide.com.mk!

    Mario had his first experiences with music during his childhood days. He played the piano and received influences in electronical music through his cousin who looked after him. Mario made musical experiments with his computer and created his first technotracks. At the end of grammar-school he started to work and bought his first real synthesizer, and after some time got more and more equipment. He went on to now produce more professionally which was important for him. He is today Austria's most famous hardtechno-producer and dj and continues to release innovative music on his labels Schubfaktor, Schlagwerx, Vernacular, Ostarrichi and Girlpower and on other labels such as Fon, Lifeform, Artillery, Abstract, Highball, Carnage, Subsounds, Friendly Fire, Tausendgroove and Tekktribe. Mario's great dj sets are as hard to categorize. Just like his tracks, they go from groovy house, to stomping hardtechno, punky hardcore and crazy noise. Overall he spreads a very positive vibe. He connects a lot of different styles and is unique in his own genre.

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  • Exclusive interview with Candy Cox

    General news   12-10-2012 14:00 by atko

    Exclusive interview with Candy Cox for ClubbersGuide.com.mk!

    If i tell u that HARD TECHNO can be sweet, just as hard and powerfull, would u believe me???...well, let CANDY COX tell u that!!! For those who doesn't know her yet, Candy Cox is a gourgeous/talented Brazilian Hard Techno Djane, borned in Curitiba, a city in the south of Brasil. Since 2005, her incredible skills on the decks and her beautifull smile has been notice by the world of Techno music.

    Candy 'felt in love' with music when she was just a little girl, her influences comes from all kinds of music, since 'Classical Music' to extreme sounds, like 'Gabba'. This endlles love and passion just grew along the years, and nowadays, music is her life. When Candy listenned Techno (in 1999) for the first time, it was like ''LOVE AT FIRST BEAT'', and from that time on, she wanted to become a Djane!

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